Advanced Medical Health Clinic
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Advanced Medical Health Clinic is unique for many reasons: we are fully supportive of our patients; we treat you like priviledged family members; moreover, we offer the latest cutting-edge technologies that are 100% effective; and you can count on excellent service and excellent results. We invite you to visit our beautiful and modern facility with on-site parking. The following is an overview of the mainline services that we offer:

Spinal Rehabilitation Therapy
Advanced Medical Health Clinic offers computer-controlled spinal rehab for all areas of the back, including the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Advanced Medical Health Clinic provides an opportunity for each person to experience the positive results of rehabilitation through various insurance plans, such as: Medicare, United HealthCare, BCBS, MAXCARE, Tricare, etc. Your co-pay is $12 to $40 per session depending on the details of your insurance coverage.

The most effective program based upon 15+ years of research and experience is normally 20 sessions of Advanced Medical Health Clinic therapy to be given within 5 contiguous weeks, with the first 8 sessions given within the first two weeks of treatment. Depending on the patient, the number of sessions may vary from as little as 16 sessions to as much as 24 sessions. Our most successful patients, elect to have a treatment session every day including Saturday/Sunday and typically finish with the least number of therapeutic sessions. This is due to the body participating through its normal neuromuscular re-education mechanisms. Basically, the more you exercise muscles, the more responsive they become.

As a professional and innovative clinic, we require the commitment of 16 sessions before we start treatment. This is necessary for our system and our professional staff to truly help you and for you to sustain long lasting results. We have flexible payment methods and schedules, if necessary.

Things You Need to Know Before Starting the Computer-Controlled Spinal Rehab Treatment Program:

1. Your physician has evaluated your condition and overall health. Your medical history, as well as your spinal studies will also be reviewed by the Advanced Medical Health Clinic's physician to determine just how this program will be beneficial to you.

2. Before entering the program, Advanced Medical's physician may require further tests, X-rays or MRIs to be taken to more accurately identify the damaged nerves that need to be treated.

3. This program normally involves 20 treatments of 45 minutes each. They must be scheduled on a daily basis for 5-6 weeks with a minimum of 4 treatments per week. Your conviction to maintain this schedule is of utmost importance, since the full and successful treatment is dependant on each therapeutic session being separated by one or two days maximum.

4. During this treatment program, you may participate in normal daily activities, but you must avoid any strenuous or heavy work.

5. During this treatment program, do not take or receive any other back treatments from some other medical facility. This includes, clinical physical therapy, chiropratic, acupuncture, etc. without the strict guidance of Advanced Medical's physician and medical staff.

6. If you have been referred to Advanced Medical by your primary care physician, remember that you are still a patient of your primary doctor. While we will keep your doctor abreast of your treatment progress and eventual outcome, he/she is still to be consulted by you regarding other medical conditions you may have, as well as renewal of any medications.

7. Our treatments are long lasting and you are usually permanently fixed for life; however, if you re-injure and/or mistreat your back, you may be in need of more treatments. We offer two "free" tune-up rehab sessions every six months after completing your initial service. In addition, we promote your education of how to maintain a healthy back and prevent any future back problems.

Physical Therapy
Advanced Medical Health Clinic delivers a fully integrated spinal rehabilitation program using computer-controlled traction techniques. We realize the importance of in-depth professional guidance of a well-trained physical therapist. Our innovative program is a combination of exercise therapy and computer-controlled traction. Thus, we offer physical therapy sessions and basic management of our spinal rehabilitation program tailored for each patient, and at no extra cost to the patient. On your first visit we will test your physical characteristics, including range of motion and strength tests for various muscle groups. You will be assigned an innovative physical therapy program which is right for you. In general, treatment programs vary based upon "recency" of injury/back problem and your current level of physical/muscular "fitness". We use our own mild-to-extensive exercise protocols which employ the use of an exercise ball. In addition, we highly recommend that each patient get a follow-up MRI to validate that identified problem areas have been significantly improved. If directed by you, a summary report will be sent to your doctor at the end of your treatment program documenting the before and after treatment conditions/results.

Low Level Laser Treatments, also known as Cold Laser Treatments

Advanced Medical Health Clinic makes available a clinical low level laser technology. We offer multiple wavelengths with penetrating depths of 3/8" to 1 1/2". The Cold Laser is well known within the Health Services community for effective treatments in healing wounds much faster than unassisted therapies. The first cold lasers uses date back to 1972. It is backed by thousands of clinical studies supporting wound healing and neck/shoulder pain relief. The Cold Laser can effectively be used to reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after the patient becomes qualified based on a special nerve conduction test. Typically, a patient only needs 3 to 5 treatments to heal an affected area. The proper protocols for effective use of clinical-strength cold lasers determine effective results.

If you are considering using LLLT (cold laser) for musclosketetal tissue, the wavelength must be either 808nm or 830nm. The red light cold laser is typically 635nm and is only effective for superficial injuries (i.e., less than 1/2" in depth from the surface of the skin. The penetration range of an effective "clinical" cold laser is no more than three inches and is ineffective when not applied directly to the skin. The basic physiological effects of laser light include:

Increased cell membrane polarization and permeability
Increased ATP production and respiratory chain activity
Increased enzyme activity
Increased collagen and epithelial production
Increased capillary formation
Increased macrophage (immune) activity
Analgesic effects due to elevated endorphin production, electrolytic nerve blockage, and improved blood flow
Anti-inflammatory effect due to improved circulation and accelerated tissue regeneration
Increased production of anti-oxidants.

LLLT is highly effective for the following conditions:

Wound Healing Macular Degeneration
Burns and Pressure Sores Achilles Tendonitis
TMJ Dysfunction Heel Cushion Pain (plantar fasciitis)
Sprains and Strains Tendinitus (inflammation of a tendon)
Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) Back Pain (cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
Golfer's Elbow (medial epicondylitis) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Runner's Knee (patello-femoral syndrome) Accelerating bone repair after fracture
Knee (meniscus tear)    
Photomed Laser Surg. 2008 Jun;26(3):241-5. Low-level laser therapy improves vision in patients with age-related wet or dry macular degeneration. Ivandic BT, Ivandic T. Source University of Heidelberg, Otto-Meyerhof Centre, Heidelberg.

The success of our laser program at Advanced Medical Health Clinic is directly related to our advanced protocols. We fully understand the biological mechanisms behind effective laser therapy and consequently adjust our treatments to that end.

Therapeutic Massage
We have highly experienced licensed massage therapists who perform sports massages, physical rehab acupressure, deep tissue therapeutic massage, Thai massage, as well as conventional massage techniques. Charge is $35 per 1/2 hour, $65 per hour, and $90 per 1 1/2 hours. Florida State lic# MM24280

Joint Pain Treatments (see Cold Laser above)
For knee, shoulder, ankle or hip joint problems, we require an MRI before possible treatment. The analysis of the MRI is at no charge to the patient. Just fax us your MRI with your name and phone number. After you get our analysis, we will schedule an appointment only if we can help. Our solutions to joint pain problems are non-surgerical and usually are solved by the use of our highly effective low level laser (i.e., cold laser)therapy. We have joint pain solutions which relieve knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritis and symptoms of bursitis. The Cold Laser can effectively be used to reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after the patient becomes qualified based on a special nerve conduction test.

Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch (TT, Krieger-Kunz Method of Therapeutic Touch): A derivative of the laying on of hands. Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., and Dora van Gelder Kunz, born in the Dutch East Indies, initiated TT in 1972.

Nursing professor emerita Dolores Krieger is the author of Accepting Your Power to Heal: The Personal Practice of Therapeutic Touch (Bear and Company, 1993), Foundations for Holistic Health Nursing Practices: The Renaissance Nurse, Living the Therapeutic Touch: Healing As a Lifestyle, The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or to Heal (Simon & Schuster, 1992), and the Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook: Ventures in Transpersonal Healing (Bear and Company, 1996). TT has been taught in over 100 countries as well as in the United States. Today, TT is taught in hospitals and health centers worldwide and is most commonly practiced by nurses. Many hospitals have TT programs for their staff and geriatic patients. For instance, see

There are 59 research articles supporting Therapeutic Touch for pain, stress and anxiety reduction, as well as showing TT to be effective for reducing or eliminating sinus and migraine headaches.

As shown above, photographic proof of before TT and after TT body energy images show a rather dramatic calming effect. These images are obtained by either the use of Kirlian photography (Columbia University) or GSR imaging (KG Korotkov).