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The Mission
Our clinics in Tallahassee and Jacksonville are now walk-in clinics. We have physicians and RNs to assist in general medical conditions.

Our main speciality is to provide innovative and non-invasive curative treatments to those who are suffering from back and neck pain. Although we are not a chiropractic facility, we do see the advantage of some chiropractic practices. We use integrative medical technologies as well as select Western medical treatments. We offer the latest cutting-edge technologies for our services, protocols and web-based products that are safe and highly effective.
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The Amazing Brain & Body Symposium

Was held on Friday, August 26th, 2016 at the University of North Florida in the Talon Room.

Please select the number in underlined orange for the specific presentation to play:

Lucas Koberda, PhD, MD

1. Electronically balance the brain to achieve permanent reversal of Attention Deficit Disorder.

2. Brain Balancing for Mental Health.

Gil Case, PhD

3. Amazing Brain & Body Secrets

4. The new medicine: Bioelectronic Medicine.
End of event.

Back & Neck Pain Specialists
Advanced Medical Health Clinic offers a unique, computer-controlled traction methodology to accurately exercise spinal disks and rejuvenate their function. Our medical machine is not the $5,000 to $8,000 machine that the average chiropractor uses for spinal decompression or manual traction. This medical device measures 11 feet long, 7 feet tall and is approximately 6 feet wide. An accurate force and angle applied by the spinal medical device and presents a second-by-second real time graph of the results. Coupled with our trained staff and qualfied practitioners, this medical device is highly effective at repairing disc problems, such as: herniated discs, bulging discs and degenerative discs. In addition, this advanced medical device is like no other in that it repairs and reverses disc problems, posterior facet syndrome, central stenosis and sciatica to a healthy pain-free state. See our services page for more details.

Joint Pain Specialists
Advanced Medical Health Clinic offers a cutting-edge solution for joint pain due to bone, ligament, tendon and/or muscle-nerve problems. Our solution is multi-faceted. We utilize acupressure for acidosis joint problems and teach the patient how to effectively reverse arthritis and migraine headaches. For joint problems due to tears or structural problems, we are expert practitioners in the use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Also, LLLT is known as cold laser therapy since it is a healing laser, not a high power laser used in surgery. We are accredited to teach and certify LLLT practitioners. See our services page for more details.

Click a star on the map above for location information and a local map. Click here for all locations or click here to view our FAQ/VIDEO for in-depth information on the system and our highly successful FDA cleared / MD supported therapies. Medicare, BCBS, United HealthCare and most insurances covered.

We offer other complementary therapies for the general relief of pain; whether it is joint pain, back pain, or pain that is not well-defined. These include LOW LEVEL LASER treatments, THERAPEUTIC TOUCH, ACUPRESSURE techniques and THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, as well as a range of INNOVATIVE medical protocols to alleviate pain. We have the latest in effective supplements for the enhancement of total body health. In addition, we are the primary site for THORACIC computer-controlled procedures utilizing CCT. Refer to our services page for more details.

Advanced Medical Health Clinic
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Advanced Medical Health Clinic
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